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Accounts Export Txt File Import

1) Create a new record in the the accounts export module by selecting Accounts Export Options then New Accounts Export.

2) Update the Accounts Export General Tab with Name, Export Reference Number and add the Export Date.
Select an Export Type from the drop down - this will determine which records can be added to the Accounts Export Details Tab.
Set the status - records need to be at the correct stage of their work flow to be available for exporting.
Finally, add a Description if required.

3) Add records to the Details tab using the [+]  icon on the right of the tab

4) Save and close the batch and it will generate the txt file you need for importing
the file icon next to the edit - for invoices there is also the cost of Sales txt file
click on the txt file then save as to your desktop for importing

5) Import the records to your accounts package