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Purchasing Parts

Step 1 - Purchasing Officer or Engineer creates a purchase order and adds parts, the quantity required and quoted costs. 
The order is then confirmed.

Step 2 - Stores receive shipment from supplier and receipt parts in, making sure to complete the quantity, release no, receipt date and location fields. 
Then create a batch.

Step 3 - Accounts receive the supplier invoice and confirm part costs, exchange rates, receipt date, add the invoice number and invoice date. 
Then select "Save" or if this is the final line on the order select "Complete". 

Step 4 - If your System has Freight option enabled  then use the GL tab  to assign freight to items.
Check the exchange rate, the GST amount and add any freight for the shipment. 
If there are more items to receive click Exit or if this is the last item on the purchase order click Complete.

Step 5 - Confirm Journal is correct
Journal Dates are Supplier Invoice Date

Step 6 -  Create Import batch for Orders

Step 7 -  Imported Records increase Current asset account for Inventory
Records are entered as Purchase Journals to increase stock.

Step 8 - Reconcile.
Export the Ledger detail out of accounts and auto reconcile with Aeronet via a text file upload.
This process will match records on Reference, Date and Amount. so its important that these 3 fields correct for all transactions.