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Remove Component For Overhaul

Step 1
Components purchased on purchase order and receipted through inwards goods.

Step 2
Issue new part to 1st install job.  Tick set to flying to create Maintenance Tracking flying item.

(Note: Flying item can also be created via Parts Module by locating the sold item or a flying item will automatically be created if entered directly on the Aircraft Component Tabs).

Step 3
Invoice job and create certificates/log book entries.

Step 4
Update Aircraft Module Component Tab.  If a Maintenance Tracking item is available a list of serial numbers will display.

Step 5
Aircraft has days and/or hours added to it.  Component is now due for overhaul.  Remove component for overhaul.

Step 6

Quarantine stock item is created.  Flying Item is now a Rotable Item.

Step 7
Overhaul Job created.  Quarantine stock item issued to Overhaul Job.

Step 8
When job is completed check all tabs to make sure all line items are ready to be invoiced, set the job to Bill Out or Maintenance Complete (this will update all task status from WIP to Complete).  Populate Queue on the Job Invoice Tab and create Stock Temp items.

Step 9
Overhaul Job receipted through inwards goods.  Overhaul Job updates with batch & serial number details.  Overhauled Item is now in stock and available to issue to installation job.  Rotable Item is now Flying Item.