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Replacing Component

1. Create a Job in Aeronet (eg job from template then link to aircraft module / directly from aircraft module / new blank job linked to aircraft module)

2. Add part to Job.
2.1. Go to Parts Tab in the Job.
2.2. Click on the [+] Add Item icon.

3. Search for part by Part Number or Part Name.

4. Locate the line item that has the same batch number as the part you are installing.
4.1. Select the Clip Board Green + Add to Job Icon.
4.2. Ensure Batch # matches part being installed.
4.3. Enter Quantity required.
4.4. Put check in box beside Set to Flying and skip to step 7. If Set to Flying" is not available accounting is not completed for the item yet, steps 5 & 6 are required.
4.5. Press add item to finalize.
Note: If item has already been issued to Job Parts Tab but Set to Flying was not selected, instructions to convert a sold item to flying are here

5. Accounting must receive the part before it is available to be tracked on the aircraft.
5.1. If Set to Flying is not available Go To Service / Orders and find the Order that the part was received under. Search Part Number.
5.2. Edit the Order that contains the part.

6. In the applicable Order, fill in the following:
6.1. Price. If no invoice to come, as in parts supplied by leasing companies, set to $0.00
6.2. Sell. Set same as Price.
6.3. Invoice #. If no invoice to come, as in parts supplied by leasing companies, set to Packing Slip number.
6.4. Invoice Date. Set to invoice date or packing slip date.
6.5. Press Complete finish.
6.6. Press OK and complete the Order.

7.Go to the applicable Airframe or Engine tab for the aircraft having the component changed.

8. Scroll down and find the component to be changed and unlink.

9. Enter the reason for removal into the Reason for Removal
9.1. Type in the Reason for Removal.
9.2. Click To Inventory / Overhaul.
9.3. Click Remove.
9.4. Click OK.

10. The Airframe / Engine tab where the component was should look like this now.

11. Go to the Aircraft / Airframe tab where the component was removed and click edit.

12. Enter the Part # and Serial # of the new component.
12.1. Ensure the Part # of the new component is correct. If not, correct it here.
12.2. Start typing the Serial #, a drop down box should open up containing a link.
12.3. Link.

13. Enter New Component Times.
13.1. Ensure that the TBO (Time before overhaul) hours are filled in automatically. If not enter here or in Part# Edit.
13.2. Enter the aircraft hours at which the component was installed.
13.3. Enter the date the new component was installed by pressing the calendar button or drop down numbers.
13.4. Enter the TSN (Time since new) of the component into the TSN@install box from the Component Card.
13.5. Enter the TSO of the new component being installed if other than 0.
13.6. Do NOT adjust the warning but ensure that it is set at an appropriate interval to allow for ordering a replacement part, planning maintenance, etc.
13.7. Save.

14. Close window.  Save & Close the aircraft once all tabs have been updated.