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Technical Directives

Step 1 - Engineer/Supervisor/Manager creates a TD.  Add supplier, date required, a brief description, quantity of parts, costs can be added at this stage if known, if applicable change the stationery, add detailed instructions, if applicable add component time/part number/model/serial number/registration/drawing & documentation.  Tick the applicable certification and extras.  When all details have been added select "Confirm".  The TD PDF can then be printed displaying all the relevant information.

Step 2 - Stores receives items from supplier in though inwards goods.

Step 3 - Accounts receives the supplier invoice.  Update the supplier invoice number, supplier invoice date, cost centre, quantity, cost each, currency/exchange rate,  GST, mark up percentage/value each.  If certification has costs that may also need to be entered in the "Extra" section.  Once TD is updated and correct select "Complete" to close the TD.