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Daily Flight Record

With Aeronet Flights create fast, efficient, safe, reliable and robust flight detail storage and reporting by using either Flight Plans or Daily Flight RecordsLog Flight times against aircraft and pilot.  Track IFR/VFR, night flights, takeoffs and Landings.  Record type of flying with break down of type of aircraft and type of flight (eg Scenic, Commercial, Owners Use, Test fights, Training).
Manage clients and Passengers. Record Training Flights against student records and accept pre payments with Flight Credits
Many reports in customizable formats.  Flight and Aircraft Statistics.  Aircraft Revenue and Hourly Rate Reporting Operational statistics.  Agricultural statistics.  A/C economical performancePassenger numbers and
Passenger Reporting.
Maintain Pilot and Equipment Currency with Due date ControlTrack any item or person that has a due date with  Email Alerts and warnings.
Enter Location details such as airports and helipads and track landing fees per person or flight.
Real time Weight and Balance tracking with many features such as variable fuel arms and removable stations
Track Flight Bookings with Google Calendar Integration.
The Flight Following Dash board allows multiple flight monitoring.
Flight invoicesFlights charged either hourly, per person or quoteRates per client Import to MYOB/Xero.