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Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Aeronet.MRO is a complete system to support the service and repair of Aircraft and components. 
From q
uoting, purchasing, sub contractors, stock management and labor through to invoicing.
Integrated electronic Inventory requisition system between Production, Stores and Purchasing

The Orders Module will purchase parts, consumables or materialsOrders can be linked to jobs as back orders.

Parts linked to jobs will automatically allocate or issue to jobs once received to save time and ensure accurate parts distribution.

Use the Inwards Goods Module to receipt all parts, consumables, materials and service orders into stores.

Auto generate sequential batch numbers for purchased parts, materials, technical directives, internally manufactured parts or consumables using the Batch Module.
Store supplier release data, print customized barcode labels and view receipt logs

Transfer stock between branches and add freight costs to inventory for cost recovery with the Freight Module. Also track freight shipments and generate freight stationery. 

Form 1, Form 2 and Release Certificates can be generated automatically.

Access and update Work Orders from anywhere in the world using either a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Use the Service Orders Module to schedule outwork, Technical Directives, sub contract work and repairs.  Monitor progress, track costs, set values and detail work required.

Organize and manage calibrated test equipment and tools in a date controlled Register. Update Documents, drawings & manuals online rather than storing printed copies in multiple locations.

Create quotations using the Quotes Module from both the office and while on the road.

Staff can quickly & easily enter daily time cards using the Timesheets Module from the office, the hangar or external work sites.  Quote, schedule and production manage labor using Tasks and record, manage and sign off labor in real time with the Production Module.

Create Invoices on
customized invoice stationery, using the Invoice Module directly or from completed jobs.