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Work Orders

Create customized Work Packs quickly & easily using the Jobs Module.  Access and update Work Packs from anywhere in the world using either a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Reoccurring Work Packs can be created from templates which are preloaded with part requirements, outwork, materials, misc costs and tasks.  Work Packs can also be created from the Quotes Module once client confirmation has been received.  Or create Work Packs from the Aircraft Module for aircraft maintenance such as inspections, airworthiness directives and service bulletins.  Create multi-level jobs for large assemblies to help manage and co-ordinate the build.

Issue parts, organize outwork, purchase materials and add miscellaneous charges to the Work Pack.  Staff can book time as labor or larger jobs can have the work broken down into tasks for easy Work Pack management and detailed invoicing.  Attach important documents directly into the Work Pack for quick retrieval or viewing.  Create customized Work Pack stationery and generate certificates.  Work Packs can be closed off to stock or invoiced to clients.