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Detailed inventory including notes, alternates, quantity, location, supplier and cost. Master parts list and alternate part numbersComplete part history.  Track part by serial number, release number or batch number.  Complete visibility of all inventory, reservations, allocations and assignment of parts.  Provides real-time part availability to technicians and supervisorsAbility to view length of time in inventoryIndividual item level costing and pricing.  Set minimum and maximum stock levels for accurate stock reorderSet shelf locations for fast part retrieval. 
Transfer stock quickly & easily between multiple branches.

Stores personnel can respond to part requests in real-time notifying production of stock status.  Shortages reports can be generated from Work PacksIntegrated electronic part requisition system between Production, Stores and Purchasing Cycle count Stock takingStale parts and overstock analysis. 
Barcodes on label stationery ensure fast issuing with handheld scanners.

Several Part History options availableHistorical details of parts sold and parts currently on order.  View recent transactions via the History Tab.  Or view full details of all changes and stock movements via the History Advanced Tab.