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Integrate the MT data with other modules such as Flight Module or Jobs Module, sync log book data to other Aeronet installs and create work packs.

Rotable & component history and full aircraft service history Historical records which are searchable are available for reference anytime & anywhere. 
Review history instantly rather than looking up archives.

Fleet Management
Manage information at a Fleet level.  Create inspections and inspection templatesPush AD’s and SB’s out to the fleetReview fleet reports and set up automatic email notification,
monitor fleet status at a glance. Unlimited aircraft and aircraft types.

Component Tracking
Manage airframe and engine components.  Create nested components for moving complete engines in a few clicks Set multiple Limitations per component or inspection and
multiple cycles or events.  Component overhaul tracking, component movement tracking and management of rotables.  View full history customized reporting for component changes.  Display the component times for rotable parts.  Create component certification documents and store as digital documents.

Aircraft specific Modifications Tracking

Organize Data and Reports
Create log book entries and print customized Log Book stationery.  Set warning parameters of your choice and drag & drop data into sort ordered lists for easy viewing.

Maintenance Control
Define maintenance requirements and tasks to keep the aircraft airworthyRaise Maintenance Controller TD’sReduce cost of maintenance operations by better management of expenses.  Manage maintenance proactively.  Updating of Aircraft hours and cycles linked to Flight Ops, Cycle and hour burn rate, accurately calculates days to run.

Upload documents and attach Inspection/ADs/SBs information directly to records, Keep track of maintenance documents that describe how to execute the maintenance Digital document library for inspections/ADs/SBs.  Automatically print with work packs.  Inspection document revision control from a central repository.

Log Books

Electronic technical log books for Engine, Airframe, Modification and Engine/Prop.  Creating loose-leaf print outs for logbooks.  Logbook entries and component page reports.  Logbook templates selection for log entries.  Flags logbook entry and documentation requirements.

Inspection Schedules, Link Inspections to vendor website for updates.  Add Multiple Limitations to Inspections.

AD’s and SB’s
Link to vendor websites for updates

Service Costs
Track total service cost for all aircraft and exporting to invoicing

Cycle counters, such as airframe hours, RIN’s, engine cycles including NG/NP cycles