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Aeronet Basics

Record Locking

If you see a GOLD padlock on a record you need to edit/enter that means someone is either editing/viewing that record already or it simply means they have not exited out of the record correctly (save & close or cancel).  You can hover over the padlock and this will give you the user details and the date/time the user was editing/viewing the record.  If it was yesterday its safe to say you can unlock the record.  If it is the date and time that you are trying to access the record you may need to make phone call to the user or wait until that user has finished.

If you see a RED padlock that means you are currently locking the record.  Check other tabs to make sure you aren't still in the record and if not then simply enter the record and it will unlock at the same time.  No need to unlock red padlocks first.

Save & Close vs Cancel

If you go into an invoice, job or purchase order and do not change anything while you are in there.  Click "Cancel".  Avoid clicking "Save & Close" or "Exit" if you are viewing only, particularly in the jobs/purchase orders/invoices that have lots of data.

By clicking "Save & Close" or "Exit" the job/purchase order/invoice is looking to every tab and looking at every line to find what you've changed so it can update it. So jobs/purchase orders/invoices that have lots of data take a while to close because the system has to check all the data.

Multiple Tabs

Users can have multiple modules open on multiple tabs by simply using the mouse RIGHT click on the module they want to open and select "Open Link in New Tab".  This will open a new tab along the top of firefox.

Search Results - Number of Records Per Page

When searching you can set the number of records you want to see per page by changing the per page drop down.  All will display all the records the search finds on 1 page.  50 will display 50 records per page so may take up more than 1 page.

Search For All Records

Sometimes you may need to search for all records in a particular module.  Type a percent sign (%) into the quick search and select go.  Most modules will display all records.  If not you may need to amend some of the other drop down options until you get the results you need.

Display Preferences

Most modules have the option to change your default display settings.  So when you click into the Jobs module the current default setting may be over 35 pages worth of jobs the system has to load every time you go into the jobs module or every time you cancel or save & close out of a job.

If you find you are searching in a particular module most of the time you can set your display preference to blank.  That will mean every time you access that module you will need to search for the purchase order/invoice you are looking for.

Aeronet To Excel

If you need to transfer data from Aeronet to Excel you simply highlight the data you wish to copy using your mouse.  Then right click on the mouse and select "Copy".  Open a new/blank Excel spreadsheet.  In the first column/first row hover the mouse over this field.  Right click and select "Paste Special".  Select "Text" then select "OK".  The Excel spreadsheet can now be edited/updated/printed/saved.

Excel Text to Columns

Once you have downloaded your report and opened in Excel highlight the column A then select Data Tab and then select Text to Columns.

On the pop up screen select Delimited and then select Next.

Tick Other and type | character in the text field.  Then select Finish.
Note - | character is created when shift and \ are pressed at the same time ( \ is above the return/enter key).

The Excel spreadsheet is now ready for user to edit.

User Permissions

If your user permissions have been updated you may need to log out and log back in to have access to them.

Print User Guide Pages

To print any pages from this user guide simply scroll to the end of the page and select "Print Page".

Trash Multiple Records

If you come across records that have a trash icon and you need to remove multiple records some modules will allow you to trash multiple records in one loading period.  But you have to be quick.  So you keep your mouse on the trash icon, left click begin the deleting process.  You will then get a pop up box that requires you to confirm the deletion of the record - use the enter/return key on the keyboard.  So with one hand on the mouse and one hand on the keyboard, select the trash icon with the mouse then press enter on the keyboard, then select the next trash icon of the next record with the mouse and press enter on the keyboard.  If you do these actions fast enough the system will remove these records with minimal loading time.