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Parts Module

General Tab

When creating a new part number Status, UOM and Set Stock Level fields default to Active, Each and 1 respectively.

When List Cost and List Price are entered the Margin is automatically calculated and displayed on the part general tab.


Part Number General Tab, Tick Consumable. This will allow consumables to be issued to jobs and to be monitored for reordering. The initial receipt of a consumable will create an item and a batch number. Every receipt after that will be added to the same item.

Part Locations Tab

Item Notes Field
Items have the option to display a short notes field.

The notes field is displayed on the parts search screen for quick reference.

Item Adjustment Tab

Adjustments can now be made through the item. Select item adjustment tab and add new adjustment.

Stock Freight

Freight can be added via the GL tab of the purchase order. Freight is distributed between the cost percentage of each item.

Parts Module - Issue Part
To quickly issue parts to jobs use the issue part module.

Type or Search for Job Number

If the job has no parts on the demand tab but are still required for the job use the “Force Issue Parts To Job” section. Select the location the parts will be issued from. Select the number of lines you require. Enter the data (Item Number & Quantity or Part Number, Quantity and Batch) and select Issue.

If the job has parts on the demand tab use the “Demand For Job” section. Select the location the parts will be issued from. If there is stock of that item a batch and serial number drop down will be displayed. Select the batch number, select the serial number (if required) and enter the quantity. When complete select issue.

Parts Module - Order Part

The order part module has been improved to show any alternate part numbers under the part number listed.

Inwards Goods

The Received column will default to the quantity specified in the Outstanding column. Invoice Details will automatically update all lines when the first line is completed. This will be a huge
timesaver from manually updating these fields every time a shipment arrives.