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Maintenance Tracking

  1. can we have an option when removing parts to give date/hrs off. also why it was removed (ie Time Ex, unservicable, maintenance convenience)
  2. log book entries choose location, only show fields with data(ie no hoist, don't show on hoist entry), need ability to have items carried out on separate lines, Change AME No to authorization No.
  3. log entry needs a title
  4. when adding new part to helicopter next to (enter part no) add “Case sensitive”
  5. check unlink, edit and add component.
  6. height of the log books stationery to be variable
  7. headers on all the pages
  8. check the logging of component add / remove with reason
  9. items history to show up on items edit
  10. when entering inspection times is now possible to update more than one inspection field then update the screen
  11. speed of refresh increased.
  12. display of aircraft to show the Date of values

Airframe Tab

Layout has been updated

Engine Tab

Layout has been updated

History Tab

New tab in Aircraft showing part history.

Log Book Tab

Title, Location & Props added to log book.