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Release Note

The release field was made larger and an option to delete lines also made the order of the parts on certs same as on stationery.

Form One Certificate

Layout has been updated to new CAA regulation.

Jobs Module

Job Demand Tab

Check box and drop down now available to delete multi parts on the demand tab.

Job Task Tab

Add total for the hours spent and the hours allocated, also right align the column.

When creating a new task it must belong to a cell, which will automatically calculate the labour charge out rate for the task.

As new tasks are added the job task tab updates

There are five options for how tasks will be invoiced:

  • Actual Invoice the exact hours added to the task
  • Quoted Invoice the hours quoted regardless of hours added to the task
  • Modified Invoice the updated hours value regardless of hours added to the task
  • Actual – Codes Invoice the exact hours added to the task with codes
  • Modified – Codes Invoice the updated hours value regardless of hours added to the task with codes

The option “Non Chargeable” will not show on invoice stationery.

If a zero value task is to show on the invoice select invoice option modified or modified – codes. Update the task cell to a zero value cell. The hours will print on the invoice but no value.

If task is set to quoted or modified the task general tab will show the hours quoted or modified to and the value that will be invoiced. The general tab layout has been improved, showing all hour fields together and all cost/value fields together.

Add Timesheets to Tasks

When timesheets are being entered select task.

Select hours and enter code. If notes required add notes.

Add Timesheet Entry

As timesheet entries are entered, the data on the job task tab updates. For modified options the hours to be invoiced can be adjusted using the hours field. Type the hours that are required to show on the invoice, this will then calculate the invoice value using the cell labour rate.

Task Labour Summary shows the users and the total time they have spent on all tasks combined. Timesheet Report shows all the timesheet entries added by all the users. These entries can be edited from the job task tab or from the task time allocation tab.

Task Card Stationery

When a task is created it automatically generates a task card PDF

Job Tasks on Invoice

The tasks will show on the invoice by the invoice option selected on the job task tab.

New Job From Template

When creating a job from template the search field is no longer a text field, when a template is selected it will show the job name of the title selected when linked.


Outwork now has the option to add aircraft registration, which prints on the PDF. Also, TD quantity defaults to 1 each time a new TD is created.

Timesheets Module

Editing timesheet entries on the timesheet module has been made more time efficient. Multiple entries can be updated or deleted at the same time. Select date, update job number, select task and select either delete, update date or update job from the drop down. This will update all the timesheet entries that are ticked to the new data entered.