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Version 2.3

Purchase Order General Tab layout has been updated, as invoice fields are no longer required on this tab.

Purchase Order Line Items Tab & Purchase Order Accounts tab have been updated as “sell” field no longer required at purchasing stage.
The sell field has been gray shaded.

Purchase Order GL Tab has been updated to include multiple exchange rates and various freight options.

No Freight
No freight costs will be distributed to the item/s.

Freight from the supplier, this updates the purchase order total cost and distributes between the item/s. Supplier freight will be the same currency & exchange rate set for the supplier invoice.

Default (6%)
6% of the total invoice cost will be distributed to the item/s but will not increase the total cost of the purchase order. Default (6%) will be in the same currency & exchange rate set for the supplier invoice. This is (as it says) the defaulted option.

Other Freight
This is for freight not associated with the purchase order supplier. Other freight can have its own currency and exchange rate selected. It will not update the purchase order total cost, only the item/s cost.

Default (6%) and Other Freight options both increase the cost of the item but not the cost of the purchase order.

If a shipment is received from a supplier but the freight costs are unknown the system will default to “Default 6%”. Any items that are sold & invoiced will have freight of 6% locked. If the purchase order is later updated when the freight invoice arrives the difference that is remaining will be distributed to the remaining items in stock.

To view the distribution of the freight, locate the supplier invoice then click on the magnifying glass.

Items now have total cost (item cost + freight cost). Parts Module displays total cost when parts are searched for.

Item Accounts Tab has been updated with total cost. The calculation has been updated to be Total Cost x Margin = Value. If the item value is updated the margin percentage will auto adjust and if the margin is updated the item value will auto adjust.

Parts Module has been updated to include adding items to stock. Search for the part number of the item and click add item icon. Add data to the required fields then select “Save & Close”. This creates an item number and adds the quantity entered into stock.

The ability to delete incorrect stock has been updated. The “Trash Can” will be available to delete items that either have no batch, no quantity or no costs. The ability to delete parts is permission based so access will have to be updated by the administrator.

Quantity Adjustments can be done to amend quantities. Locate the item requiring a quantity adjustment and select edit item. Go to line items tab and create a new adjustment. Select “Qty Adjustment” and enter the quantity you want to increase or decrease by then “Save & Close”. This creates a line on the Item Adjustment Tab. Because this item has a zero quantity the item no longer appears when the part number is searched for as it is filed in the filing cabinet.

Job Parts Tab layout has been improved. Cost column is the item cost, freight cost is the freight cost, unit cost is item cost + freight cost for each unit, total cost is unit cost x quantity, unit value is the cost for each unit and total value is unit value x quantity.

To remove issued parts from a job, tick the boxes of the items to remove & select “Delete” in the drop down menu. A pop up will then ask you to confirm the selected parts are to be removed from the job. Then a second pop up will confirm if the parts will also need to be removed from the job demand tab. If OK is selected it will keep the part in the demand tab. If cancel is selected it will remove the part from the demand tab at the same time it removes it from the parts tab.

Job Misc Tab has been updated to include the option to add expenses directly to the job. Add data to the required fields then select either “Save” (if data still needs to be added or amended) or “Complete” (if all data is entered and the expense can be closed off). An expense line is then added to the Job Misc Tab.

An expense can also be created via the Purchase Order Module. Create a new purchase order or add to an existing order. Go to the line items tab and select “Expenses”. Complete the required fields and either save or complete the order.

To add a new expense, go to Chart of Accounts Module. Update the fields as required. If the expense is not division specific do no select a division.(Note: New expenses will need to be configured once they are set up)

Admin Stationery Module has been added which makes it possible to view all the stationery options.