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Version 2.5

IPhone Module

With the new Iphone friendly addition to Aeronet. Users can create and edit flights while on the move View current Tech log for any aircraft and Review upcoming Maintenance and add notes for the later review Complete inspections such as Pilot AD's on the tech log Completing flights is as simple as entering hours. View Days to run and enter landings and cycles as required for the type of aircraft

Google Calendar import for Flights

Handle all flight bookings in a google calendar and easily import into flights module via a customisable script
Create bookings on iphone via google calendar sync.

Tech Log Module.

Using the new Tech log module an engineer can generate a tech log at the release to service with the push of a button.
Pilots can use the Module to add flights and calculate days to run till next inspection in real time.
Pilot inspections can be completed and service notes added.
Section 3 completion log records in real time when inspections where done
Operator Maintenance Data entry for flights is as simple as entering 3 fields
Operator Data entry for "notes"
Days to Run with clear warnings and realtime connection to the maintenance tracking data
Track cycles and landings and other Aircraft model specific data

Staff/Pilot Roster Module

Linked to Flight and Duty the Roster module provides easy online access to a simple roster system
Flight and Duty updates update the roster.
Duty limitation reporting

Maintenance Module Updates

Tasks and Jobs:

The Task General Tab layout has been improved. There is an option to add your own task number, independently from the record ID/Task ID. The "Start Date" field defaults to the date the task was created and the "Due Date" defaults to --/--/---- (please note these are customizable). There is a new "IAW Ref" field, which is for any reference material revision or issue details. "Rotable Change Details" section has been added for component changes.

These new fields also display on the Task Card PDF

Task Accounts Tab
The new "Accounts" tab has been created which stores task information relating to costs & values, invoice options and hours. The Task "Cell Info" tab has been relocated to the Task "Accounts Tab" as a drop down field. Tasks have been improved to allow the cell to be changed after timesheet entries are added to the task.

Invoice Options:

Actual - Will multiply the actual timesheet hours booked to the task by the cell rate to calculate the value
Quoted - The hours can be entered & Aeronet multiplies these hours by the cell rate to calculate the value
Modified - The hours can be entered & Aeronet multiplies these hours by the cell rate to calculate the value
Value - If a set value has been agreed upon this option (it is not hours or cell rate applicable)

Non-Chargeable - For internal use only, it captures costs linked to the job/task but does not display on the invoice

If no cell is selected then the user default rates (standard/overtime) will be used to calculate the value or the invoice option "Value" can be selected & edited.

Maintenance Tracking:

Component History
Green card
History of component adding and removal.

Maintenance Tracking - API
Add Add job from work order
Update aircraft data
Release to service creates records for operator
Central MT data archive
Aircraft Version Control

Maintenance Tracking - Cost of service
Task templates and component list prices enable the calculation of expected maintenance costs.
Link multiple tasks to inspections
Compares actual cost to budget
Attach documents to templates

Maintenance Tracking - History
Section 1 of the log book
reason for removal and notes for all transactions

Multiple Limitations
Both Aircraft Config & Aircraft Modules have been updated to contain multiple limitations.

Repetitive Service Bulletins
Service Bulletin Tabs have been updated to be able to have repetitive option like the AD Tabs.

Add Documents
The Inspection General Tab now has the functionality to add controlled documents to an aircraft inspection - this document transfers to the Task Document Tab once added to the work pack. It is possible to add the document details and a revision date for easy/accurate document control. If this document revision is updated any new tasks generated from this inspection will be created with up to date information.

Aircraft Config Module:

Aircraft Config has more tabs available to store even more information. Modifications and Airframe/Engine Components can be listed directly, so if a new Aircraft is created all items are available by default - ready for simple editing/data entry.

Aircraft Module:

Misc/Notes - The ability to edit and complete notes is now available.