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Address Book Updates

There have been updates to the Address book that effect a number of modules.

Address Book - Companies Module

Users are now able to preview supplier or customer details but not edit or delete.  In the Groups Module select - for access to Companies Permissions.  This will display a preview icon instead of an edit icon and will lock all the fields so the user cannot change any data.

Users with permission to edit address book records will notice some grey shaded/locked fields.  These fields do not display on any stationery so if they are required the information will need to be typed into the applicable fields (town/region/state etc).  In 3 months time these locked fields will be removed from the system.

Customer Credit Limit now displays when searching for customers

Orders Module / Quotes Module / Job Module / TD Module / Invoice Module

To add a supplier or customer to a purchase order/quote/job/TD/invoice just start typing the supplier or customer name and options will display in the drop down.  Simply click on the correct supplier/customer from the drop down.

Customers that are set to Stop Credit account status will display in red and cannot be linked to a job/quote/invoice until the account status has been updated.

An address can be edited independently from the address book.  If the shipment has a 1 off change of address or if a 1 off customer wants to purchase goods then use this feature.  Once a supplier or customer is added to a purchase order/quote/job/TD/invoice there is an edit icon.  This will open up the address fields, when done press update and it will save as it is typed.

Jobs Module

The customer status now displays along the top of the job so it is visible from every job tab.

Invoice Module

Payment terms are now directly linked to Customer Account Status.  The invoice will display the payment terms applicable to that status.  Admin Users can update these payment terms as required.