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Version 2.7

Version 2.7 includes the following exciting new features and enhancements.

ATA Module.
We have Introduced a new module to help define inspections and component limitations in terms of the manufacture requirements.
Load the individual manufacture ATA tasks against an inspection or component to be sure your maintenance program is tracking everything  the manufacturer has published.
Import records from Eurocopter's digital records.

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Maintenance Tracking
Version 2.7 brings lots of improvements and updates to the maintenance tracking modules. 
There are more options available when creating the work pack including adding Outwork, demand for parts at the same time as the task is made.
You can now raise a work pack from the fleet report saving even more time.

Item component tab & component history tab have been redesigned and we have improved component history.
Flight History Tab in the Aircraft enables Daily flight totals to be easily printed for the log books at service time.
Improved Template Saving from aircraft.
We have improved the Log book entries and now users can optionally pull the details for log book entries  from the Job (workpack).

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Maintenance Tracking Updates...


We gave the operations module a big push in version 2.7.
There are now over 8 ways to import or create flights in Aeronet Including a New Air Maestro importer and an iBal importer. Read more on this here...
Flight & Duty is more more dynamic enabling rules to be added switched on and off to more closely match your exposition

In Weight & Balance we have added 3 types of removal-able stations for Doors and Hooks etc

The Passenger Tab - we now load in passengers from the address book- to get regular passenger details including weights to load against a flight for a customer
Contract Flying has been introduced to enable flights to be added to jobs along side labour via timesheets for ground crew etc.
Landing Sites added to Landings Module - Site details GPS Pictures etc for landing - pilots info

New CAA Aircraft Operations Statistics stats form is available for update
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Role Equipment Module
Version 2.7 sees the introduction of our new module for Role requirement
Maintenance Tracking for non aircraft specific items.

System Messages
Send user notifications and warnings direct to their screen

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 Operations Updates...

Task Type
Adding task type to the work flow allows us lots more control over the reporting for invoicing, work packs and log book entries.

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