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Maintenance Tracking

Version 2.7 includes many Work Pack and Work order creation Improvements.

Components can now be overhauled, repaired and replaced.  All with their various workflows in Aeronet.  Version 2.7 now has the option to add either a task to a job, demand to a job or create outwork on a job.  Or a combination of all options.

Work Packs can now be raised across the whole fleet by simply looking forward with the feet report and ticking any or all of the maintenance arising.

Aircraft Module speed, performance & useability has been improved across all tabs.

Item component tab & component history tab have been redesigned.  Improved component history stored for each TBO.  TBO is saved against the part greatly increasing data entry time.  Adding new components uses their history  so TSO and TBO values are no longer required on data entry.

Flight History Tab in the Aircraft now has a tech log selector. This  enables Daily flight totals to be easily printed for the log books

Improved Template Saving from aircraft - we have updated the save to template to enable more information to be stored at a template level for aircraft

Improved Log book entries.  Users can optionally pull the details for log book entries  from the Job (workpack) and tasks
This can still by edited as the log but entry is updated.

Date of manufacture has been added to the general tab and this date is used for default "date on" values in the aircraft data entry.

Completing inspections is now role and qualifications based - limit pilots to just pilot AD's or control what parts of the work pack can be signed off by various users.