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Flights Module continues to improve in version 2.7
There are now over 8 ways to import or create flights in Aeronet
Including a New Air Maestro importer and an iBal importer
more details here

Flight & Duty is more more dynamic enabling rules to be added switched on and off to more closely match your exposition

Weight & Balance we have added 3 types of removal-able stations for Doors and Hooks etc

The Passenger Tab - we now load in passengers from the address book- to get regular passenger details including weights to load against a flight for a customer

Contract Flying has been introduced to enable flights to be added to jobs along side labour via timesheets for ground crew etc.

Helicopter Landing Sites added to Landings Module - Site details GPS Pictures etc for landing - pilots info

New CAA Aircraft Operations Statistics stats form is available for update

Aeronet version 2.7 continues to improve the Pilot Roster adding reporting groups along with being able to view and edit

Due Date Control records directly in the Roster. Due Date control now also creates System Messages.

The roster now has a Publish mode that creates a date stamped printable version and report