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Version 2.8

Aeronet version 2.8 includes the following new updates and improvements.

The potential now exists for  paperless workpacks with the new Production Module.
Complete with electronic sign off,  time-sheet recording in real time and  access to tasks based on engineer skills and qualifications.
The new production module will take your work orders to the next level

The Aircraft Module has have many improvements and enhancements including component level inspections, SB's and AD's.
Burn rate for hours and cycles, synced from the techlog, means everything is converted to days to run on the fleet report.
When completing inspections user can now set the date/hours carried out (for single inspections or multiple inspections).

The Jobs Module has an improved parts tab to help set value and margin and the save to template process is also improved
Inline edit option has been added to this tab so the Description, Mark Up % and Value fields can be edited directly on the tab.

The Parts Module now has a merge parts feature and improved workflow for rotables.

The TD's Module now has templates among its improvements.

The Time Module now improved to prevent users creating blank entries while date scrolling.

Operations has had many improvements along with the Tech log Module.
An Australian tech-log version  we call the Maintenance Release Module

Adding flights to Section Two Tab can now be done directly on screen.
Weight And Balance has been improved
You can now set a maximum weight for the station so its no longer possible to enter more weight than the station will allow
There is now a variable station arm for aircraft that have a change in arm due to fuel loading
We have improved the layout of the load sheet
Station units are now variable and baseline units are now per model.