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Aircraft Module

Aircraft Module General Tab now has Burn rate (hours and cycles) fields and can be sync'd with the techlog.
The top right corner has two green arrows to Revert Aircraft Data.
The date of Values & airframe hours are displayed at the top of the screen so can be viewed instantly from every tab.

When selecting the option "Save to Template" a new drop down gives the user several options to chose from.  If the user selected in error they can simply click "Cancel" to exit this option.
The save to template process has been improved so that all slots are created, Ata Records are linked and the sort order is published.

When completing inspections user can now set the date/hours carried out (for single inspections or multiple inspections).

When adding components the option to add a blank Date On is now available.

Component Tabs have been updated with a simplified new layout.

Adding components with limitations based on months is now easier if TSN/TSO @ Install is a factor.  Simply enter the date since new or overhaul, click the arrow and it will calculate the months to the nearest 2 decimal places.

Finite Life can be added via the Aircraft Module component tabs

and can be added/viewed via the Parts Module (Component History Tab)

When removing components hovering over the unlink icon now displays the component data.

Airframe / Engine 1 / Engine 2 Tabs - When removing components hover over the ? icon to get more details on the removal option.

When components have multiple limitations and the component is removed, two slots now remain for when the replacement/repaired/overhauled component is linked.

Inspections, Mods, ADs & SBs General Tab has been standardized and a "Details/Instructions" field has been added if specific details are to be recorded in Maintenance Tracking.  Field descriptions have been improved to match the Task General Tab.

ADs & SBs Tabs have been updated.  Standard AD/SB section now displays last done, AC hours and notes section and a component AD/SB section has been added so ADs/SBs can be linked to components.

Component ADs/SBs can also be viewed/edited/removed via the Parts Module (Aircraft Item Details Tab)

Fleet Report now displays * if an inspection/component task is on a work in progress job.

The Fleet report now displays the search criteria the report was generated from.

Optionally select the information required on the fleet report