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Version 2.9

With the release of Version 2.9 we have made some great new improvements to the system.

A new Job Close Type called "Overhaul" is now available. Create multiple parts with various quantities simply & easily using one job. Read more about this here Component Overhaul.

There have been many updates and changes to
Inventory & Parts with new stock transaction types and increased performance for the parts search.
Inwards goods continues to be streamlined and component history can now be added to stock items

In this version we have reduced many clicks in Jobs & Work Orders as we we look to making the release to service process as quick as possible.
We have added more interactive time saving features such as the ability to move tasks on the Job Task Tab using drag and drop.

Maintenance Tracking
has had many enhancements including a new simplified layout for the aircraft tabs. Component Inspections and AD's are now available so that a component can have anything applicable permanently linked to it.

We have added more features to Operations with improved Weight & Balance and Flight & Duty. We continue to add to our library of flight tabs such as the rescue tab so that flight tracking is even more customizable.

Improvements for Accounts include Supplier Credit Notes, Address Book Advanced Search and a Ship Via option has been across most modules.