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Invoice Module - Credit Notes

Division has been updated so it defaults to the original invoice.  Credit Notes can no longer be back dated into locked accounting periods. 
Once returned items are received via inwards goods an item adjustment displays the credit note number.  Gross Profit Report has been updated to display credit note data.

Orders Module - Supplier Credit Notes

Once accounts has exported a line item it can no longer be reverted.  Supplier Credit Notes will need to be created.
Supplier Credit Notes can be created for both parts and materials line items.  When Supplier Credit Note has been closed the items will be removed from stock.
Note - Purchase Order Data/Supplier
Credit Notes cannot be back dated into locked accounting periods.  For further instructions please click here.

Item Adjustment Journals

Cost Adjustment - Increasing/Decreasing the cost of an item independently from the purchase order/job
Quantity Adjustment - Increasing/Decreasing the quantity in stock independently from the purchase order/job
To Stock       Overhaul -
Item added to stock via Job Closing Type Overhaul
                    Manufacture - Item added to stock via Job Closing Type To Stock
                    Parts to Stock - Item created from an existing stock item
                    Parts to Parts - Transfer of costs from one item to another
                    Stock Take - Manual adjustment to increase/decrease the stock quantity during stock take/cycle count
Currency Adjustment - Updating the item currency independently from the purchase order/job

Companies Module - Advanced Search Option

Advanced Search option has been added to Companies Module.  It is now possible to search by Account Status, Shipping Method, Discount Rate, GST Rate, Group and Credit Limit.

When deleting records from the Companies Module users will be alerted if any transaction history has been created and can confirm or cancel the deleting process.

TD Module -
Void TD

TDs can now be cancelled using Set to Void option.

Accounts Export Module - Item Adjustment

Item Adjustments can now be exported via Accounts Export Module -

Companies Module - Accounts Details Tab

Accounts Details Tab is now permission based.  If users do not have permission to view the Account Details Tab the following screen will display.

Update permission using either the Groups Module or the Users Module.
  Once the permission is updated users will have to log out and log back in to activate.

Current Balance

Current Balance field has been added to the Companies Module search screen so it is easy to see if customers are near their credit limit.  The Company Account Details Tab has been updated to include the following:
Account Balance = Opening Balance for that month
WIP Balance = WIP Jobs + 30 Day Invoices
Current Balance = WIP Balance + Account Balance

Ship Via

Type "Ship Via" is now available so users can set up their specific shipping methods.  One list is displayed in four modules - Companies Module, Orders Module, TD Module and Invoice Module.  PDF Stationery can also be updated to display this data, please contact Module for details.