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Inventory & Parts

Inwards Goods Auto Issuing

If users would like to control the distribution of parts to jobs, particularly for partial shipments, this can be done using the Purchase Order Line Items Tab "Required By" field.
For further instructions please click here.

Inwards Goods Serial Number on Pop Up

Inwards Goods Pop Up displaying part distribution now shows the serial number of the items

No Serial Number displays as N/A

If users would prefer N/A to be added to parts/items not requiring serial numbers this can now be a default setting that generates at inwards goods.

Add Item - Transaction Type

Stock Take - Historical items located during stock take or cycle counting that are not in the system can be added into stock without the requirement of a purchase order
Parts to Stock - See below.

Add Item - Parts to Stock

It is now possible to create a new stock item from an existing stock item.  Simply locate the part number of the item you wish to create and select "add item".  Enter the details as required and select transaction type "Parts to Stock".  Enter the item number you are creating this new item from and select save & close.

Parts to Parts Cost Transfer

Item costs can now be transferred between stock items using the item adjustment option "parts to parts".  Simply locate the item to transfer the costs from and go to the item adjustment tab.  Add new item adjustment, select type "Parts to Parts", enter the item number of the item to transfer the costs to, add the total cost to transfer, select the currency & exchange and add a description.  Now save & close.

Component History for Stock Items

It is now possible to create "rotable" items from stock items.  Add component history for the rotable on the shelf to build up the component history before they are installed.
Note - Permissions may need updating for access to this feature.

Parts Search Improved

Parts Module search speed has been improved.  Also the display of history within the parts list has been improved.

Parts Advanced Search - Aircraft

Search for items issued/sold to aircraft jobs/work orders using the Advanced Search Aircraft field.  Simply select the aircraft registration and search.
Please Note - The job/work order must be linked to the aircraft via the Job Aircraft Tab for results to display.
  If results need to be narrowed down use the "Sold Date" date range.