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Jobs & Work Orders

Jobs Display Mode Update

Jobs display mode has been updated to display more data rows per page.  Data that exceeds the column width can be viewed by using the mouse to hover over "..." icon.

Job Parts Tab - Set To Flying

When issuing parts to the Job Parts Tab it is possible to create a flying item at this point. 
If the item has a serial number and the quantity issued is 1 the option "Set to Flying" will display in the bottom left corner. 
Simply tick "Set to Flying" before issuing to create a flying item.

If the part is not required for Maintenance Tracking and it wont be used in the Aircraft Module there is no need to tick this option.
Only create a flying item if you would like the component to be available for Maintenance Tracking.
The flying item will store the component history and be available for use on & off aircraft with Maintenance Tracking.

If there already is a flying item for this component "Flying Item Exists" will display instead of "Set to Flying".

New Task Tab with Production Module Link

Aircraft Values can be added via the Production Module and can be seen on the Job Task Tab or the Production module. 
Users are now able to change the type of inspection for the on the tasks tab after the task has been invoiced. 
This helps with generating the log book entries from task data.
When tasks are completed in production the name of whoever completed task and date it was completed now shows in the task tab of the job by the task status.

The search for Templates when linking to a job has also been improved.

Job Task Tab Sort Order

Users can now change the task sort order directly on the Job Task Tab.  Simply select the task using the mouse, hold and drag to the new location.
The task numbering will automatically update.  This feature can be disabled by selecting the "Lock Rows" option.

Job Task Tab Title Expand/Minimize

Task titles now default to be minimized.  If full task titles are required simply click "Expand"
then to minimize again click "Minimize".

New Aircraft Tab Jobs

Creating the log book entry on the Job Aircraft Tab has new fields to store the aircraft data specific to that job/maintenance carried out.  This data is used for all log book entries and are the values used when completing a task in the production module.  The tab order has been improved and now moves across the page.

The '&' character now displays correctly on logbook on PDF.