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Maintenance Tracking

Fixed headers are Back

Aircraft Module now sees the return of fixed headers, simply scroll down using the vertical scroll bar to see more lines.

Header names have been updated and simplified to more internationally recognised terms.

Inspection Tab

Inspection Title & Inspection Type columns have been merged.

Component Tabs

Part Number & Description columns have been merged. 
ATA column has been removed but an icon will display if ATA's are linked to a component.
Period = Previously TBO
Installed = Previously Date On / @A/C Unit Fitted
Used = Previously @Install TSO
Remove = Previously Date Off / @A/C Unit Remove
Current = Time Used Current Install
Remaining = Time to Run

AD & SB Tab

AD Number & Subject columns have been merged. 

(* Mouse over column data for more details) - any where * is displayed simply hover over the data to see additional data/information.

AD & SB Tab has three sections - Repetitive, Standard & Component. 
To view more lines simply drag the
icon down and to view minimal lines simply drag the icon up.

TSN as Txt

If the Time Since New is not known when adding a limitation you a tick box is now available. This will display UNK  not 0.00 for TSN.

Component Inspections

Component Inspections can be added to Maintenance Tracking Components.  For further instructions please click here.

Component AD/SB

Component ADs & SBs can be added to Maintenance Tracking Components.  For further instructions please click here.

Aircraft Red Tabs

While editing an Aircraft if any tabs have due/overdue items the tab text will display in red.

Not Applicable Option

There is now a new based on drop down value in the limitation called Not Applicable.
This will work the same way as On Condition but allows for  a its different meaning when reporting.

Fleet Summary Report

Aircraft Module Fleet Summary Report is now available.  This report displays the next due limitation for each aircraft and can be automatically emailed to users.

lease contact Module to arrange automatic email set up.

Role Equipment -  Finite Life

Role Equipment Module now has Finite Life field.
For example this will enable a 15 year life and Yearly inspections to be entered as 1 limitation