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Weight and Balance Updates

The Weight and Balance Feature continues to improve in this version
with improved data collection requiring less page loads.
A new aircraft configuration option to allow users to easily toggle between various W&B set ups of the aircraft. 
When changing from rescue to passenger transport for example.

In the loading Master tab for W&B there is now "Total Fuel" Station type. This will total all Fuel Stations and look up the variable arm as a total and display on the load sheet accordingly.

Flight & Duty Updates

A new Summary Report for F&D is available that can be automatically emailed to whoever needs to see it as required.

All flights now update Flight and duty regardless of status. A user no longer has com complete a flight to publish to Flight and duty. This means that data saved in the Flight for pilot currency such as Night Vision Goggles or Winch Work can be entered and saved in the flight without the pilot having to update their F&D later. If however the pilot wants to override the data from the flight with different hours this is still possible with a new check box in the flight and duty record.

Rescue Tab

We have created a new tab specifically for rescue flights.

Due Date Control

Records now has a warning color change to Orange at 30 days.
Due Date control module now emails a 30 day summary to those who require it.