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Version 3.0

Welcome to Aeronet Version 3.0!

Packed with new features and improvements. Updates are available in all these areas of the system.

Various improvements regarding Companies Module, Invoice Module Display, Accounts Export & Timesheet Module Updates.

Core Modules
New international date format options.  Streamlining Date Field, Fixed Headers and Saved Searches throughout most modules.
Complete redesign of Master Part General Tab & Part Location Tab, store inventory data/defaults for multiple locations and reorder by individual locations or for all locations.
Customize Aircraft General Tab Maintenance/Tech Log display, sort multiple lines on Inspection/Component Tabs at one time and set accurate data when completing inspections.
Check out our new Quick Controls Module for desktop, mobile and tablet users.
New dashboard features are available, new search options, invoice stand by time, new flight reports and the introduction of Ag Flight Jobs.
Fixed headers added to Demand Tab & Parts Tab, new search options, create stock items directly on Job Type "Overhaul", new checked feature to monitor job progress and generate TD batch numbers directly on the TD.