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Fleet Search

Advance search in Flights now has a fleet drop down to return all flights for that group of Aircraft

Flight and Duty Notes

It's now possible to add comments to flight and duty records.

Flight Hours Reports

Two new reports are available for Aircraft and Pilot hours.

Variable Arm for Hook Loads

A new W&B station type for Hooks and Winches where the station arm changes depending on the weight.

Pilot Dashboard

A number of dashboard widgets have been developed for the pilot users so they can see at a glance all their critical information.

Standby Time on Invoice

Its now possible to include standby time along with landings when invoicing a flight.

New SMS Module

A simple register for incidents and hazards.

Agricultural Jobs

The Jobs module has been extended to allow the tracking of Ag work from the flights and costs through to an invoice.

Due Date Control
Advance Search Group

Search Due Date Control Module by Group in the Advanced Search.

User Questions

Random Questions to Test user knowledge on log in