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Inventory and Parts

Multiple Search Option

Search the Parts Module for multiple part numbers.  Simply select Quick Search option "Part Number" and tick the "Multiple" option.
This option also allows users to copy multiple part numbers from spreadsheets, documents or emails and paste them directly in the search field.
Order Part Demand Option

Purchase parts for Job Demand using the new Order Part "DEMAND" option.
Part Numbers that do not have a preferred supplier set will also display.
Click the magnifying glass icon to view the job details.

Edit Flying Item Part Number

Flying Items can have the Part Number changed on the Item General Tab.  Note:  Part Number cannot be edited if a Master Item exists.

Scrapped Location

Locations can be set up so stock is scrapped via a quantity adjustment as soon as it is transferred.  Please contact the help desk to set up these locations.

Item Adjustment Fixed Asset

Convert Stock to an Asset using the Stock to Asset Item Adjustment.

Advanced Search For Status Stock Temp Items

When performing an Advanced Search for Status Stock Temp Items the Job/PO Column now displays.

Export List From Advanced Search

New cost fields have been added to the spreadsheet when an Advanced Search is exported. 
This gives a clear break down of the cost - item cost, the freight cost, the total item cost (item cost + freight cost) and the total stock cost (total item cost x qty).
And a clear breakdown of the value - item value, item freight value, total item value (item value + item freight value) and total stock value (total item value x qty).

Serial Number Report

Click on a serial number to see the Serial Number Report, this report displays all the transactions for all the items with that part number & serial number.

Allocate stock on /mobile

After a parts search on the tablet site you can now raise demand or issue parts straight from the results of the search.

Multi Currency

Items now have the option to be ordered, receipted, issued & invoiced in currencies other than the default system currency.  For further information please click here.

Cycle Count Module

Cycle Count Module has been streamlined and updated to include multiple locations/stores.  For further information please click here.

Outwards Goods Module AERO-340

Use the Outwards Goods Module to manage part shipments, release notes & invoices.  Quick Search for either a Job Number/Work Order Number or a Customer, select the items, add any freight or packaging costs and create a release note or a release note & invoice.

Core Module

Create Core Records via the Order Module or Invoice Module to keep track of all customer and/or supplier Cores.  For further information please click here.