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Role Equipment Module - Complete Multiple Records

Update multiple Role Equipment records using the "Complete" drop down option on the search screen.  Simply locate & tick the records that require updating, select "Complete" from the drop down menu and enter the date completed and select "COMPLETE".

Flight Booking Module

A new Module to track bookings and create flights from Booking details.

Tech Log Module Sortable by Aircraft

Tech log module columns now are sortable

Flight & Duty time-sheets

Create Time-sheet entries direct from the F&D module
So that Pilots can join the engineers for payroll reporting
Use Duty code  from the Roster on Time-sheet entries to track Holidays and sick days

Aircraft Revenue Reporting

It is now possible to report Aircraft Revenue reporting against Invoiced amounts as well as Flight Value
Aircraft invoice Statistics is a new report available in  flights module looking at invoice income per flight

W&B user log report

A new Report to log user access to load sheet information for audit purposes
ensure Load Sheets are being viewed  BEFORE flights take off

F&D Limitations by Operations Type