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Work Orders (Jobs)

Job Parts Tab - Parts Issue From Quarantine Store

Quarantine Items can only be issued to "Overhaul" Job Closing Types.  If a quarantine item is issued to any other Job Closing Type an error message will display.

Job Invoices Tab - Invoice Value Options

Create zero value invoices for internal work or at cost invoices trading between divisions. Simply select the applicable Invoice Value Option on the Job Invoices Tab before the invoice creation.

Work Order Component Rental

For MRO users its possible to use the flight module for equipment rentals on work orders
Using the same process as invoicing flights  hours can be charged for hourly use of equipment or components

Materials Report for Multiple Jobs

It is now possible to print the list of issued parts from a range of jobs.

Tasks display in same sort order on invoice

When creating an invoice from tasks it will now use the drag and drop sort order from the tasks tab

Outwork Tab Batch Link

Outwork Tab has link to batch/release number

New Work Order Reports

Three new Work Order reports available - View Jobs to Stock Report, View Job Items Report & View Stock Issue Summary Report.

Quick search for Children Jobs

Search Parent Job ID in the quick search to locate the children jobs.

Job General Tab now has the option to View Child Jobs.  Click on the child job number to open the child job in a new tab.

Internal TDs

Internal technical directives/service orders
can now automatically create work orders/jobs for the work required in house.