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Job Misc Tab

Once the Chart of Accounts have been set up the Job Misc Tab will need to be configured to have Misc & Freight cost centers available:

Go to Module Config Module:

Find the Jobs Config and click on the edit icon:

Click on the General Tab and scroll down the page until you find "jobs_misc_cc_list" then click on the edit icon:

Click in the "Value" field and press the "End" key on your keyboard to get to the end of the field:

Now type in the cost centre ID's for Misc & Freight for the new division then click on Save & Write:

To find these ID numbers the easiest way is to open a new tab and go to Chart of Accounts Module.  Open the cost centres Misc & Freight then go to the end of the web page address to locate the Account ID number:

Now the Job Misc Tab has been configured and the Misc & Freight options are displayed: