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Create Stock Transfer

The Freight Module can be used to transfer stock between branches/store locations.

In Freight Options select New Freight

On the General Tab select the company the stock will be sent to (Freight To)

Select the freight company that will be used (Freight By)

Complete the rest of the General Tab - Title, Type, Date, Cost/Sell, Description, Reference & Division

Use the Items Tab Add Item option to select the items to transfer

Search for the part numbers and select the link icon

Enter the quantity to transfer, edit any costs/values and click Add Item

Items to transfer now display on the Items Tab

Note - The parts module will show these items as Status "Transfered"

Once all the items are added to the Items Tab, complete the Details Tab with relevant data

And finally complete the Line Tab with relevant data

Once all the tabs are completed a Stock Transfer PDF can be printed
Note - Stationery can be customized, please contact Module for details