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Invoice General Tab

Once a new invoice has been created the Invoice General Tab needs to be completed.

Invoice To
There are two ways to add a customer to the Invoice To field -
Type the customer name in the "Invoice To" field.  A list of customers will automatically display in the drop down, simply click on the customer to select it.
Click the Magnifying Glass icon to pop up the Companies Module, search for the customer and link the customer.

WIP (Work in Progress), Completed, Bill Out & Invoiced.

Order Number
Customer Order Number reference (eg purchase order number)

This will default when the invoice to field is completed.

Export Code

Select the division from the drop down.



Created By
The user who created the invoice

Modified By
The last user to modify the invoice

Amount Paid / Ref

Export Batch
Once the invoice has been exported via Accounts Export Module the export batch ID will display in this field.  Displays "No" if the invoice has not yet been exported.

Source Ref


Ship Via
If the customer has a Ship Via set in the Companies Module this will automatically display the customers preferred shipment option.

Client Comments
Any specific notes or comments from the customer will display here.

Inhouse Notes
Any specific internal/inhouse notes will display here.