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Purchase Credit Note

Once accounts has exported a line item it can no longer be reverted.  Supplier Credit Notes will need to be created.
Supplier Credit Notes can be created for both parts and materials line items.  When Supplier Credit Note has been closed the items will be removed from stock.
Note - Purchase Order Data/Supplier
Credit Notes cannot be back dated into locked accounting periods.

To create a purchase credit note locate the line item.

If the order is completed it will need to be reverted first.  If the order is still open simply tick the line item and in the drop down select "Create Purchase Credit".

The new Purchase Credit is created.

Note - the item is still in stock at this stage.  Creating the Purchase Credit does not reduce stock.  Once the Purchase Credit has been completed the item will be
removed from stock.

Confirm the Purchase Credit and preview Purchase Credit PDF.

Update the Purchase Credit with the supplier credit details.

Tick the line item and in the drop down select "Close". 

A warning message will appear onscreen asking to confirm the item credit and informing that stock will be reduced if continued.

Set the Purchase Credit to Complete.

The item has a quantity adjustment applied and details of the Supplier Credit are added.

The item is no longer in stock.