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Groups Module

In the Groups module the Groups used in Aeronet to categorize companies and users are managed. Depending on which group a user is added to, the uses module access will be set. In the Groups list all groups are listed as well information about how many users and contacts are added to that group. By opening the drop downs you can see which users or companies are added to the group. In the Groups module you also set module access for users added to groups. By opening the drop downs in the Modules column. you can see which modules the user group have access to.

Add New Group

To add a new group, select Group Options and click New Group.


Enter the Group Name and a description of what kind of members this group is created for. Select a Type for the group in the drop down, or add a New Group Type.

For Companies groups this is all that needs to be set up. The other three tabs only apply for Users groups.

Module Access

Set which modules the members of the Group will have access to. For the larger modules access to parts of the modules can be set. To do that, click the little grey arrow to open the drop down.

Default Module

Set a default module, that will open when users in this group log in to Aeronet.

Dashboard Widget

In the Dashboard widgets tab you set up plugins for the groups Dashboard module. In order to be able to set up the plugins for a module, the widgets need to have been installed.

Edit Groups

To edit an existing group, find the group in the groups list and click the Edit icon. For details see section General. To discard a group, click the Trash icon.