This section is where data unique to an individual aircraft is loaded such as Registration, S/N's etc.
When selecting aircraft type in this module, the information which has been built up in the template section will appear.

Add New Aircraft
Aircraft General Tab
Aircraft Inspection Tab
Component Inspections
AD/SB Inspections

Instantly see if an Aircraft has any data overdue, overdue with extensions or in the warning period via the Search Display color coding. 
If there are multiple limitations for the same inspection/component the Based On text will display purple.

Store Aircraft Details & Maintenance Values.

Track Inspections, Components, Modifications, ADs & SBs efficiently. 

Create Log Book Entries.

View history.

Print Maintenance Tracking Reports.

Generate Jobs or Work Packs directly from the Aircraft Module.



The Airframe tab is where you set limitations for parts on the airframe. To add a new airframe part with limitations, click on the Add part icon.

Start with entering the Part No. If the part number exists in the database, it will show up in a drop down. Click on the part number in the drop down to upload the part name. You can edit the part name from this view, but remember that it will change the name throughout the database.

If the number of the part you are adding is new, it will say New Part in the drop down. Just enter the new number and name to add the part.

Enter the Serial No of the part and select the Expiry Type in the drop down. Which types are listed in this drop down depends on which limitation types have been set up in the Inspections Fields tab in the Aircraft template module. Next do the limitation entries for the component. You always need to do an entry in the Component Life, Airframe @ Install and Life @ Install fields. If the limitation type you are entering is date, set the Component life and Life @ Install in days and enter N/A in the Airframe @ Install field.

To save the new entry click Save.

The limitations will be listed in the Airframe tab. The parts listed will turn blue when they exceed the warning limit set by the admin user in the Inspection Field tab of the Aircraft template module. When the parts become overdue they will turn red.

To edit an existing limitation, click the Edit icon.

If you want to unlink a part from the aircraft, for example when it has been removed, click the Unlink icon. When removing a part from an aircraft, you are not deleting it from the database. This means that if you enter a part with that serial number and part number again, the part will turn up and you can add a new delimitation for it.


The Engine 1 and Engine 2 tabs handle parts put on the engines, the same way as the Airframe tab handles parts put on the Airframe.


In the AD's tab the Airworths Directives set up for the specific aircraft type are listed and managed. Repetitive ADs are edited the same way as inspections, see section Inspections.

Standard AD's only need to be performed once. When the AD has been performed, change the status in the drop down to Complied With to turn off the warning. If a standard AD isn't current, you can set the status to Not Applicable to turn the warning off.


In the SBs tab, Service Bulletins are listed and kept track of. Initially all statuses will be set to Required. To change the status of a SB, open the drop down and select the current status.