Aircraft Configuration

Details about the aircraft at a Model Level is stored in the  Aircraft Configuration  module

Create the Aircraft Configuration

Or edit an existing one

Complete Details About the Aircraft Model on the general Tab
Add to drop down Values using the [+] icons

Aircraft Configuration

This is a template that once completed for a particular aircraft, allows the user to select any number of the same aircraft type and all details particular to that aircraft type will appear across the fleet. The details need to be accurate as it is here that information used for flight planning is entered such as fuel type and hourly burn.

Example: Building a template for an AS350 BA helicopter, enter in the template section MUAW, Fuel burn, AD's etc then in flight planning or in maintenance tracking selecting the AS350 BA will import the data for that type of aircraft.

Add New Aircraft Type

Go to Aircraft Template Options and select New Aircraft Template.

A/C Template

Enter details pertinent to the aircraft type.

Engine & Fuel Type

You can add and edit the Engine and Fuel Types but you can not delete them.

To add a new Engine or Fuel Type click on the Plus icon, write the new type name and then click the Save icon. If changing the name of an Engine or Fuel Type it will change through out the system.

Flight Time Increase Factor

Use the Flight Time Increase Factor in situations where the aircraft and pilot record different times for a flight such as with float planes. A factor of 1 means they are the same for this aircraft type.

Edit Aircraft Template

To Edit an Aircraft Template, find the Aircraft type you want to edit and click the Edit icon.

Set Inspection Fields

Here you set up the different limitation variables that can be set for an Aircraft and when the warning for parts on an aircraft should be turned on.

To add a new limitation variable, click the Add New icon. Select which Limitation Type you want to add in the drop down. Then select the same variable in the Aircraft field. If you have selected the type Date or On Condition set the Aircraft field to Airframe Hours.

Enter the warning limit, i.e. how long before a part on the engine or airframe needs to be replaced. The system will warn about it. The warning limit for date limitation is entered in days. Then click the Save icon.

Inspection Templates

In the Inspection Templates tab repetitive inspections are set up for the Aircraft Type.

Add New Inspection Templates

To add a new Inspection, click the Add New icon

Start with entering the Title and Reference of the Inspection. Then select an Inspection Type. The Inspections will be grouped depending on their types. You can add new inspection types to the list by clicking the Plus icon, or edit existing types by clicking the Edit icon.

Then select what type of limitation the Inspection frequency is based on. Which Inspection Types that can be viewed in this drop down depends on which Limitations types have been set up in the Inspection Fields tab.

Enter the frequency period and select the units it is measured in from the drop downs. The warning is set at how many hours or days left until the inspection is due. The color of the inspection line in the Aircraft module will turn from black to blue and warn that it is shortly time to do the inspection.

Example, the inspection entered in the example below is due every 100 hours. After 95 flight hours, when there are five hours left before next inspection is due, the line for this inspection in the Aircraft module turns from black to blue.

You can attach a document to the inspection template. Click the Browse button to find the document then attach it.

You can add notes about the inspection in the note field. If you enter a URL address in this field, it will become a link in the Aircraft module.

When done, click the Save icon.

Air Worth Directive's Templates

In this tab, ADs are set up for the Aircraft type. Repetitive AD's are listed in the upper part of the page, and standard AD's on the lower part.

To add a new AD, click the Add New icon.

Enter the AD number and subject. You can add a document to the AD by clicking the browse button and uploading it. If you are adding a standard AD, these are the only fields that need to be filled in. If it is a repetitive AD, tick the box for repetitive AD, which will open an additional part of the form.

Select which criteria the AD is based on in the Based On drop down. The types that are shown in this drop down are the ones that are set up in the inspection field tab. Enter the length of the period and what units it is measured in. Finally enter how long before the end of the period the system should warn that the AD must be made.

Service Bulletin's Templates

In this tab SB's are set up for the Aircraft template. To enter a new SB, follow the instructions for how to enter a standard Air Worth Directive.