Airframe, Engine 1 & Engine 2 Tabs

The Airframe, Engine 1 & Engine 2 Tabs store the standard component requirements at Model/Type level.

Add New Component to Aircraft Configuration

To add a new component to the Airframe, Engine 1 or Engine 2 Tabs simply select [+] Add icon.
A drop down screen will display.

In the Part No field start typing the part number.  Part numbers are case sensitive so be sure to use UPPER CASE or lower case.
A list of part number options will display below the field - select the correct part number from the list by clicking on it. 
If the part number is not selected, a new part number will be created.

When the part number has been selected the Part Name field will automatically update.

Now add the Based on, Warning, Warning Unit & Limitation Notes.  Then select Save.

A screen displaying all limitations for that particular part number on this Aircraft Configuration.  If more limitations for the same part number are required select the + icon. 
If there are no more limitations to be added select the x icon.

The Airframe, Engine 1 & Engine 2 Tabs will now display the component limitations.