AD's & SB's

Inspections, AD's, SB's and Modifications are all stored in the Inspections Templates module

Can switch between Inspections, AD's, SB's and Modifications in the options menu

Create a new inspection and complete the general tab

Select either AD or SB.  Decide if its repetitive or not.  Reference to an external document.  Link to an online external document  with the URL.  Set a Date of the external document.
Upload and attach an external document.  Select a type of inspection to group the inspection in reporting.  Add Subject.

Search and Find All AD's & SB's with a % search  or search for and find by name etc

To push the AD out to the fleet:
Select the Config List tab and use the [+] icon on the right of the tab to link to a model
Can link to any number of types of Aircraft

Once linked to the Model - edit the limitation.

Check all is well in the affected aircraft.