Add Component to Aircraft

Components can be added to an Aircraft via the Aircraft Config Module or can be added directly on the Airframe, Engine 1 or Engine 2 Tabs.
Components can also be added via the Parts Module.

Components that are overdue will display red.
Components that are overdue but have extensions applied will display green.
Components that are within the warning period will display blue.
If a Component has multiple limitations the "Based On" value will display purple.

Component Slots

If an Aircraft has been created from Aircraft Config component slots will display, awaiting the component limitation data.  Click here for Edit Limitation information.
Component slots will also display if a component has been removed from an aircraft, therefore the Aircraft is awaiting new component data.

Add New Component

To add a Component to an Aircraft select [+] Add.

The Add New Component screen will display.

Start typing the Component Name or Part Number into the fields and a list will display of options will populate from the Parts Module. 
Select the correct Part Name or Part Number using the mouse.  If the Part Name or Part Number doesn't exist a new record will be created.

Enter the Serial Number of the part and select the Expiry Type from the drop down options. The Based On drop down will reflect the options set up from the Aircraft Config.
Continue to enter the component data Finite Life, Period, Fitted to A/C, Date On, Time Since New at Install, Time Since Overhauled at Install, Warning, Unit and any Limitation Notes.
When all details are added select Save.

Continue to add limitations to the component by selecting the [+] Add Limitation Icon.

When all limitations have been added select x to exit the drop down screen.

The component will be listed in the Airframe tab.