Sub Components

To add Sub Components to a Parent Component click on the Serial Number of the Parent Component. 
The Component Item will display in a pop up screen, select the "Sub Components" Tab.  Then select the Link Icon to link sub components.

Select which option to search by (Part Number, Part Description or Serial Number) then type either a Part Number, Description or a Serial Number into the search field.  A list of matching components will display.  Note: The sub components must be on the same Airframe/Engine 1/Engine 2 Tabs to display.
Select the Link Icon to link the correct Sub Component.

The Sub Component has now been added.

Continue linking components until all Sub Components have been added.  Then select the red x icon to remove the search field.

All Sub Components now display.

From the Sub Component perspective, the Sub Component Tab of the item will display the parent and give the option to click to view.