Maintenance Control

A complete service cycle for an aircraft begins as the current tech log expires and the aircraft is put into service by the MC.
To to this they would complete the following steps.

Edit the aircraft in the aircraft module. Using the edit icon in the left column.

Check the hours and cycles and the date of values are all correct in the general tab of the aircraft. These values are dynamically updated by a well maintained tech log.
But may need adjusting to the actual values of the service.

Review each tab of the aircraft for Inspections or Components that are due and tick these records to add them to a current or new Job for this aircraft.

This will add Tasks and Parts to the Job in the jobs tab

Print the PDF to generate a TD for the work required and email to service provider.

The service provider will raise a work pack from this TD and complete the work as per these instructions.
If the service provider uses Aeronet then you can sync your aircraft data to them to reduce admin time their end.

When the service is complete you can sync the aircraft back to get the updated data - including log book entries and completed inspections-  from your service provider or if they are not using Aeronet you will need to complete the following steps.

Complete inspections as required - this will update the inspections to the current values from the general tab.

You may need to fine tune the next inspection to allow for date or hour overruns etc. click the edit icon.

Click the save icon when its correct.

Components may need to be replaced and a reason for removal entered
use the remove icon far right.

and enter the reason for removal

Check that the history is all complete and add notes where required - see history tab.

Once all records are updated and the aircraft now matches the updated log books we produce the log book entry.
Open the add form window and complete the details.

Print PDF as required.

At this point we are looking to generate a tech log that should match that provided by the Service provider.
Raise a new tech log in the tech log module and complete the required fields

Populate section 1 from the aircraft and print the PDF as required.

Fly the tech log by adding flights to section 2

Allow pilots to capture this data on their iPhone
Complete Pilot/Daily inspections and AD's and record these in real time
anything that is over due will be red
Anything that has reached its warning limit will be blue.

see section 3 of the tech log module for a complete history of maintenance carried out thru the life of the tech log.

Allow the pilot to add notes that will get back to the MC via section 4

At the completion of the tech log the aircraft is due for service and the cycle starts again