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1. To raise a new tech log, start by navigating to the correct page by searching under the Operations Tab, Tech Log is the 4th one on the dropdown menu.

2.  Create a new tech log by clicking on the Tech Log Options Menu, New Tech Log

3. Your screen will then look like this, the first step is to allocate an aircraft to the log, select from the drop down menu the correct aircraft's Rego

4.  In this first Section, when you click on "Populate Limitation", all the required maintenance will pop up, you can also add any new limitations by pushing "add new".  
Whenever you want to print the PDF, click on the PDF symbol on the top right of the page.

5. Fill in the tech log by adding flights in Section 2, add a flight by clicking here, top right of page

6.  Enter all the required fields of the flight, type, pilot and hours from the dropdown options, once finished, to calculate the flight click on this symbol.
The flight will be recorded and given a number.

7. On the next screen you can click on the magnifying glass and you can also enter all the other flight details, you can see here
our flight has been given the number 142 and two hours have been added to the aircraft's log.

Continue adding all flights hours and cycles

Section 3 of the tech log module gives a complete history of maintenance carried out through the life of the tech log. Anything that is over due will be red
Anything that has reached its warning limit will be blue.

Section 4 Allows the pilot to add notes that will get back to the Maintenance Controller.

At the completion of the tech log the aircraft is due for service and the cycle starts again