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Weight and Balance

To set up weight and Balance edit the following feilds in the Aircraft Configuration (model)

Set the  Maximum All Up Weight.  MAUW

Set the Base units for this type of aircraft all W&B inputs will be converted back to these units.
These units are the Axis on the graph

Select the Fuel Type and ensure the specific gravity of the fuel is correct

Plot the Envelope for the CofG limits

Then Update the aircraft  from the Aircraft Module.

In the General Tab edit the following feilds.

Add or edit the stations in the loading master tab

Edit icon is on the left and the add [+] icon is top right of the tab

Station No - needs to be a unique number to reference the station in the load sheet

Station type  -  Controls where and how the weight is entered from within the flight

Description - is the text used on the load sheet

Enter the arms in the base units

Weight is the dead weight of the station - this is added to stations such as cargo pods.

Unit is what the data is entered in. 

A station can be loaded in one ore more configurations of the aircraft.

Enter the data in flights and check the load sheet.