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Quote General Tab

Sold To - Type the customer name and select the option from the drop down
Deliver To - This field will automatically update once a customer is added to the Sold To field or can be changed if the shipment is to be sent to a different address
Status - Update as the quote goes through various stages (WIP = Work In Progress quote / Quoted = Sent to customer / Declined = Customer)
Job # - Will display NYC if the quote has not been confirmed to a job (NYC = Not Yet Confirmed).  If the quote has been confirmed to a job the job number will display here
Customer Reference - Add any purchase order references or a reference from the customer here
Consolidated - If the shipment is to be sent at one time tick the consolidated field
Currency - Will default to what is set in the customer
Division - Select the correct division
Client Comments - If there are any specific comments from the client add them to this field
Inhouse Notes - Add any inhouse notes here
Conditions - Add any conditions here