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Cycle Count

To Create a new Cycle Count Record go to Cycle Count Options -> New Cycle Count.

Select "Cycle Count Parameters" to search for the items to add to the Cycle Count.

When the results from the search load tick the applicable items and from the drop down select "Create".

The new Cycle Count Record is created with the items added from the search.  If more items need to be added simply enter the item ID into the "Add an item to the list" field and then select "Add".  Then Exit the record.  Cycle Count Status = To Be Counted.

Print the list of items using the Stock Count Print Icon.  The user then can write the Actual Quantity and if there are any changes to shelf/location/store.

The user can then enter the Actual Quantity on the Cycle Count Batch List Tab. Then tick all the items updated and select "Save Count" from the drop down.

This will lock in the Actual Quantity and add the details of the user who updated and the date.  Cycle Count Status = Count Confirmed.

A Supervisor or Manager can then print out a Variance Count list to evaluate, double check or pass onto accounts.

If the Actual Quantity was entered incorrect the line can be reverted and corrected by ticking the line & selecting Revert Counted.
If there is a variance the Supervisor or Manager then approves the adjusted variance by ticking the items and selecting "Adjust Variance" from the drop down.

This action will automatically update the Parts Module item with a Quantity Adjustment and reduce or increase the quantity as specified.

The Cycle Count record will update to display the Supervisor or Manager user name and date the adjustment variance was confirmed.

Once all items have been updated a prompt will confirm the closing of the Cycle Count record.

The Cycle Count record is now completed and closed off.  Cycle Count Status = Closed.