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Freight Module

The Freight Module tracks Deliveries and Couriers. Costs can be added to Jobs, Delivery Documents can be stored, International freight, etc.

Add New Freight

To add new Freight, click Freight Options and select New Freight.

Fill in the Freight details in the form, then click Save & Close. For instructions on how to edit the form, see Edit Freight.

Find Freight

Quick Search

Select what search criteria you want to use to find your Freight in the drop down. Then type your search entry in the search field and click GO. All entries corresponding to your search criteria will be listed.

Advanced Search

Click Advanced Search to open the drop down. You can now limit your search by entering delimitations in the search fields. If you enter -- -- in all date fields, all Freight entries corresponding to the other search criteria will be listed.

Edit Freight

To edit Freight, find the Freight you want to edit and click the Edit icon.

Select Freight To And Freight By

When you click Select company to select to who the Freight will be delivered and which company will deliver it the Address Book will pop up. For details on how to find companies in the Address Book, see section Finding Companies.

Link To Job

When you click at the Search icon to link the Freight to a Job, a pop up will open of the Jobs module. Find the Job you want to link the Freight to and click the Link icon. The freight will then be added to the Job.